As a small business service provider we love to see emerging companies succeed. What we really enjoy… is sharing their story. 

Emerging Business Exemplar – Scoops Lacrosse

Sixteen years of big agency work in Boston and New York, new business pitches, million dollar campaigns, and big name accounts, and yet it still wasn’t providing the satisfaction Matt desired. There was more, something that couldn’t be tagged with a retainer fee or presented in a boardroom. 

It was his lifelong passion for lacrosse. 

As a Division I lacrosse player and a high school lacrosse coach, Matt remained engaged in the sport for many years, his enthusiasm never fading. In fact, his love for coaching ignited his desire to establish a youth lacrosse program in his hometown. 

Like many entrepreneurs, his business concept was derived from passion and the need to fill a void. While lacrosse has remained popular as a club and high school sport, there were limited lacrosse programs for younger children. As a father of three young boys, Matt recognized this age group as the perfect prospect for Scoops Lacrosse. He wanted to create a program that focused on the fundamentals of the sport in a fun, stress-free environment. 

He launched the business in his own community, hoping to generate interest in the clinics among fellow residents. Operating them as the lead coach in his free time on the weekends, it was his “side gig” as most would call it. 

But this new endeavor was addicting. He truly enjoyed working on the new Scoops business and running clinics. It soon became apparent that the corporate job was just that – a job. 

Over the course of six months, the lacrosse clinics became increasingly popular, with families signing up session after session and spreading the word about the program. In under a year, the enrollment rate soared to 300 students and expanded to ten communities. 

The success of Scoops has allowed Matt to leave the agency world and thrive as the Chief Scoops Officer. 

There really is no faceoff needed between a passion project and a job. The passion project will always bring the win. 

Congratulations, Matt, on your recent success!