Everyone can rattle off the names of some top consumer brands, recognize the logos, and identify a slogan. Product packaging and naming are critical in connecting with the consumer. As the market becomes more saturated, creativity is required to differentiate one product from another. The craft beer category is a perfect example of how creativity is being used to attract potential consumers.

Craft beers are flooding store shelves and overwhelming consumers with options. So, how does one six pack end up in the cart over another? In my opinion, the product name and packaging are strong influencers. The craft beer lover is an adventurer of sorts. They are willing to take a chance and try something outside mainstream options.

Some people like stouts, while others love an IPA, but it is safe to say that most craft beer enthusiasts are willing to try a new product because of the unexpected. What will the new undiscovered beverage taste like?

Product names that are a tad bit risqué, a play on words, or a phrase that captures a feeling are intriguing to the audacious consumer. I admit – I am one of the ones who will make a purchase solely based on the product name or packaging. In some cases, I wish the manufacturer put as much into the product development as was spent in the creative process.

Breweries that unveil one-of-a kind brews understand their target market. They are developing products based on craft beer trends, but with their own twist. Coffee stouts, chocolate beers, barrel-aged brews, and fruit infused ales offer no shortage of variety at the store. However, getting someone to try a peanut butter beer requires a bit of creative marketing. DeClaw Brewing Co. managed to do just that when they named its chocolate, peanut butter porter “Sweet Baby Jesus”. The name and packaging stand out on shelves.

I have deep appreciation for the creative process and brand development, which is why I geek out when I see a brand being marketed in a unique way.  I take a moment to soak in the details of the design and the brilliance, humor, or inspiration behind the product name.


During a stroll through the local liquor store, I discovered these perfect examples of creative craft beer brands.