I simply love the concept of Giving Tuesday.

Year over year, we are flooded with ads for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, followed by the controversy and conversation about the hours of operation and the “must have” deals. Honestly, it’s rather dreadful. 

An international day of giving… brilliant. This one day alone spreads more joy that a raging good deal at Walmart. According to classy.org, Giving Tuesday raised $300 million for non-profits in 2017. Better yet, there are no lines, no lunatic shoppers, no website crashes, absolutely no wrapping, and never, ever out of stock items. It’s a win for everyone. 

There are thousands of extraordinary non-profit organizations serving almost any group or community you can imagine, each one reliant on the support of greathearted backers.

This well- known Tuesday is not only a fundraising platform, but also an opportunity for an organization to directly communicate with existing and new donors. 

So, the question charities should ask themselves as they anticipate this day of generosity should be “Is our website and core messaging ready for the influx of visitors?” 

Most donation links exist on the organization’s website, so it is critical that the website gives a great first impression when new visitors arrive.

Here are a few things that are important to consider when evaluating the website’s readiness: 

  • Is organization’s mission clearly stated? 
  • Are programs and benefits outlined? 
  • Will donors know how their money is being spent? 
  • Does the site share success stories or use cases?

When a commerce site is overloaded with visitors and crashes, sales are lost. The same catastrophic event happens to a non-profit when their messaging is blurry or doesn’t connect with the giving audience. 

Developing strong social media plans, memorable hashtags and eye-catching graphics is all part of the Giving Tuesday planning, but it is equally important to prepare the website. Remember, first-time web visitors can potentially convert into recurring campaign donors. 

This international day of giving is a fantastic way to attract new supporters. Just be sure you make them feel warm and fuzzy about their involvement from the start.