Charitable dollars. They are plentiful, yet elusive at the same time. So, how does a non-profit find them, win them and keep them year over year? 

It starts by creating a mutually beneficial relationship. 

Every charity has a database of existing and target donors. Often, these companies or individuals live on more than one list in the non-profit sector, which means they are receiving multiple requests for funding. 

If your organization wants a piece of the charitable pie, don’t ask for a check. Ask for a partnership. 

Corporate social responsibility is almost a requirement these days for mid to large size companies, which is great for non-profit organizations.  Additionally, community engagement is viewed as a marketing tool because it helps builds brand awareness and loyalty. Charities must use this to their advantage. 

Partnerships imply a collaborative relationship, give and take, all for the sake of one cause.

For a non-profit, aligning with well-known companies is beneficial for a few reasons. First, that affiliation provides validation that the mission is worthy of support. Second, it opens opportunities to attract donors in the same industry or of the same size. Third, the employee base within the corporation is an immediate audience for communicating the charity’s message. Last but not least, a partnership is a foundation for continual giving.

Large companies know the value of community partnerships, and they understand it is more than just logo exposure at an event. Partnerships are an extension of their brand and values. It is a way for companies to spread awareness for a cause, engage employees and customers in the charitable programs and demonstrate their commitment to the community. 

Corporations have the money, but charitable giving, like any other line item, needs to be well spent. Their giving programs have specific guidelines, which are often structured around programs that correlate with their core business, industry or provide services to the community in which they operate.

If you are a non-profit hoping to amp up the fundraising, first identify companies that have a stated charitable mission that matches that of your organization. Acknowledge that your charity meets their guidelines and then offer a partnership. Work together to identify the give and the take to ensure it is a mutually beneficial relationship with the goal of raising awareness for the organization. This type of partnership will be more rewarding for everyone involved. 

We’ve got plenty of ideas on how to create strong partnerships with donors. Email us if you’d like to learn more.