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Content, content, content. Companies must produce content! And not just any content- good content. Content that ranks well. Content that will be remembered.

But what exactly is considered “good content”? How does a company attract the views they desire?  Well, according to some social experts, using leading words and headers, such as “How to” “How NOT to” “ Top mistakes” “ Things to avoid” “Why you should” “ 10 ways to” will help with SEO, intrigue the reader, and

That has been the question I’ve faced when considering writing my own blog posts. Does anyone really care what I have to say? Who am I to comment on a topic or tell people how to market themselves or their business?

These questions swirl around my brain, paralyzing me and keep me from actually writing. The reality is, some people won’t care what I have to say, while others may disagree with my views. However, the most important thing is