Want to raise money? Ask for a partnership NOT a donation.

Charitable dollars. They are plentiful, yet elusive at the same time. So, how does a non-profit find them, win them and keep them year over year?  It starts by creating a mutually beneficial relationship.  Every charity has a database of existing and target donors. Often, these companies or individuals live on more than one list […]

Corporate gifts that make an impact.

  It’s the most wonderful time of the year, right? So, then make it the most wonderful time of the year…. for charities rather than clients. Don’t get me wrong, we all love, appreciate and respect the hell out of our clients, but that doesn’t mean that we have to spend hundreds of dollars showering […]

Is your website ready for Giving Tuesday?

I simply love the concept of Giving Tuesday. Year over year, we are flooded with ads for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, followed by the controversy and conversation about the hours of operation and the “must have” deals. Honestly, it’s rather dreadful.  An international day of giving… brilliant. This one day alone spreads more joy […]

Posting just to post can be offensive.

Content is king. Any person in the world of marketing knows this to be true. There is mounting pressure to create content, consistently. These words and pictures must be frequently churned out, resonate with the target audience, uphold brand values, and entice the viewer to engage with the post. This is some serious pressure for […]

Minot or Minnow?

  It’s actually Minot. Pronounced MY-NOT.  As a small business owner, selecting a company name is important because it is the first step of developing your brand. It’s your company’s identity moving forward. For that reason, the word or series of words selected to represent your brand should be well thought out, carefully vetted and […]

Allow us to introduce ourselves.

The About Us or Who We Are section of a website is almost a requirement these days. It’s a company’s way of introducing themselves, their mission and their value to a potential customer. For some, it is a point of differentiation. It could even be the hook that lands the new client – or the […]

When the time is right, Scoop up the opportunity to follow your passion.

      As a small business service provider we love to see emerging companies succeed. What we really enjoy… is sharing their story.    Emerging Business Exemplar – Scoops Lacrosse Sixteen years of big agency work in Boston and New York, new business pitches, million dollar campaigns, and big name accounts, and yet it […]

Innovation is becoming too mainstream

  Innovation, according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary means: : the introduction of something new : a new idea, method, or device : novelty But let’s be honest – that is a very broad definition. Any manufacturer can claim that its product is new or exaggerate its significance by stating it is innovative. Many marketing departments promote […]

Capitalizing on addictive social media behaviors to drive sales

Anyone between the ages of two and seventy, who say they’ve never felt addicted to social media, is lying. Some might call social media addiction an epidemic. It is also a proven way for marketers to create highly-targeted campaigns that have direct correlation with sales. Facebook Live has changed the way consumers interact with brands, […]

What is in a name?

Everyone can rattle off the names of some top consumer brands, recognize the logos, and identify a slogan. Product packaging and naming are critical in connecting with the consumer. As the market becomes more saturated, creativity is required to differentiate one product from another. The craft beer category is a perfect example of how creativity […]