Anyone between the ages of two and seventy, who say they’ve never felt addicted to social media, is lying. Some might call social media addiction an epidemic. It is also a proven way for marketers to create highly-targeted campaigns that have direct correlation with sales.

Facebook Live has changed the way consumers interact with brands, leaders, and events. Live feeds are a brilliant way to engage those that cannot attend, customers that are contemplating a purchase or simply feed curious minds. I confess, I am social media addict, and I recently experienced marketing at its finest via Facebook Live.

GORUCK, a company that organizes military-style fitness and endurance events, capitalized on society’s social media addiction and nailed their target market in a recent campaign to drive sales for their 2018 events.



The challenge-hungry, self-driven, goal-oriented person is their customer and the company knows exactly how they think and what motivates them to take action. GORUCK created this campaign knowing its customers would step up to get what they wanted and encourage others to help achieve the goal.

Selection, one of the toughest events the company offers, grinds participants for 80 miles over 48 hours. The average completion rate for this competition is less than 5%. One by one, competitors drop out, leaving only the toughest in the end. It is reality TV in its true form. GORUCK offered the opportunity to watch the full Selection event live on Facebook BUT only if the audience registered for 2018 events.

GORUCK challenged its customers to raise 2018 points if they wanted live streaming video of Selection #19. With each 2018 GORUCK registration, points were tallied, 1 point for GORUCK Light, 2 points for GORUCK Tough and 3 points for GORUCK Heavy.

Although numbers were falling short of the goal until just before the event start, the finally tally reached 2018 points and the live steam was granted.

This tactic was highly successful in engaging the audience, not to mention, raking in registrations for 2018 events.

However, what was equally impressive was the number of live viewers, comments, and shares that happened over the course of 48 hours. The number of video views climbed from 5K to 33K to a high of 35K. During the live stream, the audience participation fluctuated, clearly reflecting Facebook usage patterns with higher numbers of live viewers before work, during lunch, and in the evening. People were anxious to see the performance of the remaining few asking, “Who dropped out since I last checked in?”

Comments like “I can’t stop watching this!”, “I’m gonna be late for work!”, “ I am going to be unproductive while this is on!”, and “What happened? Where did #28 go?” flooded the live feed. Over those 48 hours, people displayed addictive, curious human behavior, all while rooting for their personal favorite.

As a marketer, I admired the creativity of the campaign, and I was in awe of the customer engagement showcased over such a short period of time.  

As a GORUCK event participant, I was 100% influenced by this campaign, and my actions proved that this strategy worked for a target customer. Not only am I signed up for a 2018 GORUCK Heavy, I willingly admit that I was not very productive during Selection #19. I just had to know who still remained.  My eyes were on Facebook.

Sometimes I even find myself saying as I struggle in a workout, “You got this #62!”

Congrats GORUCK on an extraordinary marketing campaign.

028 and 062 – You guys are amazing!