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Everyone can rattle off the names of some top consumer brands, recognize the logos, and identify a slogan. Product packaging and naming are critical in connecting with the consumer. As the market becomes more saturated, creativity is required to differentiate one product from another. The craft beer category is a perfect example of how creativity is being used to attract potential consumers.

Craft beers are flooding store shelves and overwhelming consumers with options. So, how does one six pack end …

Content, content, content. Companies must produce content! And not just any content- good content. Content that ranks well. Content that will be remembered.

But what exactly is considered “good content”? How does a company attract the views they desire?  Well, according to some social experts, using leading words and headers, such as “How to” “How NOT to” “ Top mistakes” “ Things to avoid” “Why you should” “ 10 ways to” will help with SEO, intrigue the reader, and

That has been the question I’ve faced when considering writing my own blog posts. Does anyone really care what I have to say? Who am I to comment on a topic or tell people how to market themselves or their business?

These questions swirl around my brain, paralyzing me and keep me from actually writing. The reality is, some people won’t care what I have to say, while others may disagree with my views. However, the most important thing is

Shaking a hand or presenting a new product in person can be the most memorable way for you to introduce your company or brand to others. From full-scale global meetings to training sessions or tradeshows, Minot will create a one-of-a-kind event for your company. With special focus on details and participant experience, we will build an event that is sure to leave an impression.

  • Strategic event planning and execution
  • Tradeshow management and execution
  • Press conference coordination and execution
  • Non-profit fundraising

Whether in print, on television or mentioned in a blog, your company’s messaging can reach thousands. Managing the information that is dispensed to these outlets is an important way to control how you communicate with your target audience. We will work with you to develop newsworthy content and identify impactful ways to place your information so your messages are received clearly and with the appropriate audiences.

  • Spokesperson identification and training programs
  • Development of strategic editorial pitching schedules
  • Press release development

Establishing a meaningful connection with your target audience is the most effective way to build loyalty, increase brand awareness and develop trust. The foundation for these relationships can be instituted in many ways, from social media to networking events. We seek out the most impactful ways to reach these audiences and effectively communicate your messages.

  • Development and execution of public relations programs
  • Planning and execution of community events
  • Development and management of non-profit sponsorships/programs
  • Development and execution of real estate

Consistent messaging across a variety of outlets is the key to successful marketing. The use of creative design and intriguing copy can grab the attention of your target audience and leave a lasting impression of your company. Minot has the expertise and tools to help you communicate your messages in memorable way.

  • Marketing copywriting
  • Design and development of promotional materials
  • Design and content development for corporate newsletters
  • Internal communications strategy development and copywriting

Showcasing your products, your services and your brand is a solid way to communicate with your market and also an effective sales tool. Minot can help craft an insightful story that can be used in a variety of formats. Working together we will identify the ideal way to highlight your company in a way that resonates with your target audience.

  • Case study development
  • Editorial/Advertorial content development
  • Customer testimonial development