The About Us or Who We Are section of a website is almost a requirement these days. It’s a company’s way of introducing themselves, their mission and their value to a potential customer. For some, it is a point of differentiation. It could even be the hook that lands the new client – or the section that raises a red flag and makes that potential new client close the browser.  

For this reason, this key section of a website should not be overlooked. However, there is no standard for what should be included in this copy. While one could assume they will discover the who, what, when and why of company, it is most certainly not a requirement nor a format to be followed. This web real estate can be used for anything the company chooses to share. More and more companies are using video in place of copy to communicate their “About Us,” which is a smart approach as video content extends the visitor time on the site.

If well done, this section, whether video or copy, should resonate with the potential customer. A company that truly understands their target market will nail this connection by telling the customer exactly what they want to hear, making that customer feel like the company truly understands their needs or thinks the way they do. Once this connection is made, the potential customer to new customer conversion is likely to follow, as is customer loyalty.

However, we’ve all read those introductory sections that are too full of “personality.” They boast excessively about the company values, the “bring your dog to work” days, the quirky things they have in the office and obscure staff hobbies. While this information may be intended to connect with the potential customer, it can backfire. Potential customers can see through this facade and might view this introductory segment as over the top and disingenuous, which may cause them to question their engagement with the business.

It is always refreshing to see a company provide an introduction that clearly states their values, demonstrates a solid understanding of the customer mentality and communicates with their audience in a highly effective manner – not canned, not fake, just the perfect amount of honesty and interest.

A stellar example of a company introducing themselves to their customers in a creative and effective way is Ranger Up. Their video introduction is on point. It effectively tells the story of the company and the meaning of its name, while adding a personal connection by sharing the story of its founder.

Ranger Up knows its customer. It is apparent in their “What We Stand for/What We Despise” section. No BS. Just some fun and to the point.

“You never get a second chance to make a great first impression” is a cliche for a reason. In a world saturated with brands, retailers and service providers, a great introduction directly ties to the customer experience. For that reason, your company’s about section is one of the most important pieces of content you will create.