Hi. I’m Megan. 

Civilian. Patriot. Entrepreneur. Mom. Optimist. 

After fifteen years of serving large corporations in the areas of public relations, marketing and event management, I had an opportunity to collaborate on a Veteran Entrepreneur event in 2015. This event reaffirmed my need to do more and my desire to leverage my skill set to help others. 

In 2016, I formed Minot Communications. Today, Minot is a full-service marketing and public relations company, focused on supporting non-profit organizations serving the Veteran, law enforcement and first responder communities, as well as the companies that fund them. 

I believe that it is a privilege to share the great stories of these amazing people who do so much for others. I take their mission and make it more tangible, more actionable, and more successful, by producing conversation-worthy content, executing major fundraising events, investing in new media, and creatively promoting their brands. 

To me, inspiration is cyclical. Through my work with non-profit organizations and veteran entrepreneurs, I have experienced first-hand the relentless drive and unwavering commitment it takes for these institutions to succeed. My mission is inspired by them. Their service and drive are contagious, and this is why I’m so enthusiastic about supporting their efforts. 

If you share the same passion and want to do more, I would love to hear from you.  I believe we can do great things…together. 

The WHY behind my mission to serve others. 

At a young age, I was taught that giving back to the community and uplifting others was a way of life. These fundamentals stayed with me in all aspects of my career. Not surprising, in each position I held, I found the charitable programs and personal connections most rewarding. Supporting others with the skills developed in my career was a natural path forward. 

Success is different for everyone. For me, influencing change that benefits others is the ultimate measure of success. 

With three generations of Veterans in my family, patriotism runs deep, as does my respect for the men and women that have served and currently protect our nation. This is why I’m so passionate about the Veteran community. 

I am actively involved in Veterans’ organizations, such as Operation Enduring Warrior, Achilles Freedom Team and Task Force Dagger. I am constantly seeking opportunities to spread their message, engage others in their missions and better the lives of Veterans.

By far my most rewarding career experience has been the Achilles Freedom Team field presentation at Fenway Park on April 15, 2018.  It was freezing cold and sleeting but not one of these athletes complained. They all endured the chilly rain the next day and completed the Boston Marathon. Watch the field presentation video here: AFT VIDEO

** Unsteady camera footage due to my shivering. Clearly, I’m not as tough as these guys and gals.

There is important work to be done serving the Veteran, law enforcement and first responder communities. I am eager to make my contribution providing support with Minot.