For a non-profit organization, building awareness and positioning the organization like a brand is crucial for staying relevant.  While charities are conservative with spending, they also realize the importance of creating effective marketing materials to help attract donors and communicate the mission. 

Challenge: Lack of Branding Resulted in Low Awareness 

Mass Fallen Heroes (MFH), an organization that Honors, Empowers and Supports Veterans and Gold Star families, hosts its annual fundraiser and executes a major awareness campaign before Memorial Day. This series of events in known as Patriot Week. 

Patriot Week is, first and foremost, an awareness program. It serves as a stage for MFH to communicate its mission and educate the public about the sacrifice made by service members. For this reason, Patriot Week needed to have its own branding to improve widespread recognition. 

Solution: Effective, Emotional and Recognizable Branding

While Patriot Week is its own program, it was still important to show the connection to the MFH brand when creating the new logo. This was done by combining the MFH blue and the gold star which represents the Fallen. This resulted in a clean, patriotic logo. High impact images were paired with the new logo to evoke emotion and to further the awareness campaign. 

Outcome: Awareness Through Visual Branding

The development of the Patriot Week brand ensured that all graphics were consistent in marketing collateral, fundraising materials, email campaigns, social media and outdoor advertising as it related to Patriot Week activities. 

Now with its defined look, the message of Patriot Week will have more of an impact as it is seen by the residents of Massachusetts year after year. 


About Patriot Week

Patriot Week, established in 2016, is designed to inspire and educate our Commonwealth about Honor, Service, Sacrifice, Character, & Duty. This annual series of events represents a significant part of our mission and has been a driving force for our growth.

The timing of Patriot Week is important as it commences on Armed Forces Day and concludes on Memorial Day. All activities and programs offered during Patriot Week are created to educate citizens about the difference between Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day, and Veterans Day. Through these events, we Honor our Fallen and reinforce the true meaning of Memorial Day.